jSMS v-2.2.5 API Specification

com.objectxp.mms This package is the root package of the object XP Multimedia Message Service implementation.
com.objectxp.mms.message The message package contains classes which represent a MMS.
com.objectxp.mms.message.smil The smil package contains classes for constructing SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) documents.
com.objectxp.mms.protocol The Protocol package bundles the Communication protocols used by jSMS.
com.objectxp.mms.transport The Transport establishes the connection to the MMS-Proxy-Relay.
com.objectxp.msg This Package provides the classes necessary to send and receive GSM Short Messages (SMS).
com.objectxp.msg.ems Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) adds new powerful functionality to the well-known SMS standard.
com.objectxp.msg.ota This package may be used to provide mobile phones with browser settings and bookmarks over the air (OTA).
com.objectxp.msg.smart Contains classes to create "Smart" Short Messages (Electronic Business Cards, Ringtones, Picture Messages).
com.objectxp.msg.util The util package contains various SMS-related Helper-Classes.


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